Mordorable! Fitted Ladies' Tee

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Who doesn't want to go to Mordor? With its mountain vistas and minimalist landscapes, your vacation photos are sure to turn out great. (Did we mention black is slimming?) Ancient castles to visit. New species to observe. It's the adventure of a lifetime

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One does not simply walk into Mordor. It's best if one skips. Holding hands and singing showtunes, preferably. This shirt features a montage of all the cuteness that's to be had when you visit Mordor. There's little Gollum waving hello or goodbye or something to The One Ring. Isn't it preciousssss? A big ol' snuggledy battle troll waits patiently to give out "Free Hugs," and an Uruk-hai says "o hai!" over his shoulder. In the distance, there's Mount Doom with its explosion of lava (read: candy) and happy, puffy clouds of vog. Through the sky flies a friendly Nazgul on his Fell Beast (rawr!). The whole scene is watched over by the big, blinky eye of Sauron perched between the pinnacles of Barad-dûr. Face it. It's Mordorable.

All the cuteness of Mordor is captured on this teal babydoll shirt. Fitted in juniors sizes. Despite the above description, ThinkGeek warns of the potential risks of traveling to Mordor and urges caution when traveling there. And you should definitely be up on your immunizations.

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